We declare a Climate Emergency. "Climate Change" and "Inequality" are the two biggest innovation challenges of our time, which is why we are focusing 110% of our time, energy and creativity on solving these.

Our mission is to help accelerate 1 million small businesses to Net Zero by 2025. This is to prevent irreversible climatic tipping points being reached that would have an exponentially harmful impact on future generations and the planet.

We are a founding member of Low Carbon Leaders and frequently collaborate with Small99 to deliver training and events to accelerate small businesses to join the 'Race to Zero' and win. We see Net Zero as the start point for most small businesses, the real ambition is way below.


We do this in 3 ways:

1. Ecopreneur - we collaborate with small businesses to inform, catalyse and inspire them to engage and accelerate towards Net Zero via consultancy, inter-active workshops and events.

2. Climate Coach - we help people tune in to and sit with their 'eco anxiety' so that they can find their path towards positive action.

3. Storytelling - we give TED talks, educational activities and design collaborative art installations, to engage business / the general public around the latest science and solutions towards Climate Stability.


Our progress towards Net Zero to date is:-


- Graduate of the inaugural CISL (Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Leadership) "Business Management: Towards Net Zero" Course, 2021 with a high pass

- Measured baseline carbon footprint with Neil Russell-Bates from the Sustaineers in 2020

- Set Net Zero target for 2023 as pledge

- Switched renewable energy provider to Octopus Go, to use low overnight tariff for appliances (e.g. EV charging)

- Separated waste, in particular soft plastics, to recycle via Tesco trial in the South West UK

- Driven 2,000 miles from London to Italy by EV to prove there are low-carbon alternatives to flying within business travel


- Driving by EV 740 miles to Glasgow and back for COP26

- Creating "Swarm of Hummingbirds" art installation at the Net Zero Now Festival at COP26.

- Planting 100,000 trees with Million Tree Pledge as a co-operative initiative to amp up small business' ambition to drawdown as well as reduce emissions.

- Hosting a workshop at COP26 on, "How to reach Net Zero in 6 Months"

- Exhibiting at the Net Zero Now Festival for the Million Tree Pledge at COP26, designed to be completely biodegradable, recyclable / reusable in collaboration with other UK small businesses

- Adapting diet to be plant-based in December 2020, now aiming to go vegan by December 2021

- Stopping flying and aiming to drive 1 mile less weekly by cycling, walking or using public transport more


- Doing a TED talk at TEDx Countdown Brighton on "Facing into Climate Change as a Parent" in November 2021

- Planning an experiment with my whole family around, 'Plastic-free' January in 2022

- Designing a community-based art installation to promote simple solutions that make a big impact towards Net Zero for a local Cheltenham Festival


We have also pledged to grow 100,000 trees with the Million Tree Pledge. We aim to draw down enough CO2 from the atmosphere to cover not just our business' lifetime emissions, but the lifetime emissions of 50 - 100 other businesses of our size. You can view our forest here: https://ecologi.com/glowinnovationlimited.

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