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Climate Change and Inequality are the two greatest innovation challenges of our time.

We hold the future of our children and every future generation in the palm of our hands (as well as all the sub Saharan African and Pacific Island nations already affected.)

What we choose to do this decade will shape the kind of world we live in for the rest of the century.

We stand on the edge of a wonderful opportunity or a catastrophic failure of imagination to enable a world that is cleaner, greener and more prosperous for everyone.


With over 25 years in innovation design and organisational transformation, my experience is deep and broad across a wide range of sectors, countries and organisation sizes:  from multi-nationals to social enterprises, public sector to startups. I specialise in creative problem-solving, systems thinking and human-centred design.

Climate consultant

I'm shifting my practice to lead System Change through small businesses and bright young minds. I'm on a mission to help 1 million SMEs reach Net Zero by 2025 and to do that in a way that is as sustainable and inclusive of everyone as possible, following the safe and just principles of, 'Doughnut Economics'. [https://doughnuteconomics.org/about-doughnut-economics.]

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Eco Coach

I believe in empowering change through others. Most solutions to problems lie deep inside all of us if we can find a safe enough space to unpack our thinking, breathe a little and explore our creativity. I coach anyone who's serious about solving Climate Change, especially young people who are the most invested in positive outcomes.

"This is a race we either all win or all lose and we only win when the last person crosses the line. We need a level of collaboration like we've never seen before across communities, cities, sectors and continents to transform our societies. Everyone has a part to play in that."

Laura Gelder-Robertson, COP26, 2022

Is this resonating with you?

My TEDx talk on Climate Change

Here's my TEDx talk: 'Facing into Climate Change as a Parent', which I did just after COP26 in Glasgow (2022) as part of Low Carbon Leader's 'Nature Restoration' series in Brighton. More info here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDNm5TYE12O4xrMCueHkqwDGHRjzYREWG 

Joining the Million Tree Pledge

The Million Tree Pledge is a collective of small businesses committed to radical acts of nature restoration - offsetting not just their lifetime emissions but those of 100+ other businesses, to each plant 1 million trees by 2030. Just like the 'hummingbird in the forest fire', if we each do the maximum we can do, then maybe we can put the fire out in time. In this interview founder, Marcus Hemsley and I talk about being good ancestors and generation restoration: https://www.milliontreepledge.org/.

“The future will happen by default or by design... because nature forces us, or because policy guides us. If we wait until nature forces us, the cost will be astronomical.”

Christiana Figueres, Global Climate Leader (former Executive Secretary, UNFCC Paris Climate Agreement)

My Experience

I studied the science and solutions to Climate Change at Cambridge University's Institute for Sustainable Leadership. I'm currently an Assessor on their Business Climate Change Course: Towards Net Zero. I've designed several Net Zero learning programmes for SMEs and young people and collaborate with small businesses cross-sector in the UK on their Net Zero pathways and cultural transformation.

Laura Gelder-Robertson

Cheltenham, South-West England, UK

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